Sunday, February 18, 2018

Trump Administration Setting New Records Almost Daily in the Worst Possible Way

More on this dismal score sheet from here and at other sources
(The "Great Shrinking Administration")

From various sources like this from the Washington Post in part:

U.S. lawmakers — both Democrats and Republicans — and top national security officials in the Trump administration now offer the same advice publicly and privately, often clashing with Trump’s Twitter stream, and that advice is: “The United States remains staunchly committed to its European allies, is furious with the Kremlin about election interference, and isn’t contemplating a preemptive strike on North Korea to halt its nuclear program.”

But Trump himself engaged in a running counterpoint to that message has at times taken aim on social media even attacking NSC adviser, H. R. McMaster, saying once: “He forgot to tell the Munich Security Conference that the results of the 2016 weren’t affected by Russian interference.” 

That is of course a conclusion that is not supported by all of the intelligence agencies. But, the determination to ignore Trump’s foreign-policy tweets has been bipartisan.

So, the question of whom foreign leaders should believe is simple, believe Trump himself, his tweets, or his advisers – and that has befuddled European officials all across the line, e.g., German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel confessed Saturday that he didn’t know where to look to understand America, saying: “Is it deeds? Is it words? Is it tweets?” He further stated he was not sure whether he could recognize the United States or not. And, away from the glare of television cameras, many other European diplomats and policymakers echoed those same concerns.

Another diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity to avoid provoking Trump, asked whether or not policymakers like McMaster who adhere largely to traditional U.S. foreign policy positions were falling into the same trap as Germany’s elite during Hitler’s rise, when they continued to serve in government in the name of protecting their nation.

The answer, the diplomat said, might be found following “nuclear war,” which he feared could be provoked by Trump administration’s hawkish approach to North Korea.

Testing those lines, McMaster has now offered a starkly different view of the world from his own boss, saying that the “evidence is now incontrovertible that Russia intervened in the U.S. political system.” As far as Trump is concerned, he keeps downplaying the Russian involvement, saying that he believes the reassurances of Vladimir Putin that the Kremlin was not involved in the election, and he believes that line.

My summary and 2 cents: Based on all of that, my best educated summary of the Trump-Putin luv fest is this...

When will the country wake up to this man in the White House as being the worst President ever and the #1 cause for the turmoil and chaos he now blames on others and all the while Trump keeps praising Putin.

I can only guess that in the end Trump plans on all this benefiting himself (business expansion worldwide) or that which he shown an interest in and that is building and owning his own giant media enterprise.

The name for that media giant might be: “TEN: Trump Entertainment Network.”

If not that then possibly he sees himself and Putin on the world stage sharing a Nobel Peace Prize for being the world’s “Greatest Deal Makers” – that is very strong at least in Trump’s mind. Also, my hunch – after all who ever knows what Trump thinks.

Trump's strategy all along is simple: Cause turmoil, chaos, and as much democratic structural damage and disruption as possible and then settle back with some sort of monetary deal while saying: “See how I solved this mess and that's why I am an expert deal maker which I have always advocated – believe me – and now you see it again in action cleaning up this Fake News and Hoax and Witch Hunt.”  
s/ Donald J. Trump

Finally, who really knows for sure, so stay tuned.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Grumpy and Grouchy Donald J. Trump: Another Tweet Whopper — Hold the Onion

Note the Time Stamp: His Blame Game Starts Early Each Day

For the record - from those Senate votes that all failed, re: DACA and the Wall:
The first of 4 Senate immigration bills up for passage was a plan by Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). The Coons-McCain bill would have:
·        Provided a path to citizenship for 1.8 million undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children.
·        Offered no money for Trump’s border wall, though it did include some border security measures.
It failed 52 to 47. Democrats were almost united in favor and Republicans mostly voting against it.
The second vote on an amendment from Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA), did not actually address DACA or border security.
·        It would penalize “sanctuary cities” that refuse to enforce federal immigration policy by withholding federal funding from those municipalities.
·        The issue has been a fixation for Trump and some of the conservative hardliners in Congress.
It failed 54 to 45. Republicans and a few Democrats supported it, while Democrats were largely opposed.
The third vote was the “so-called Common Sense Caucus,” a large bipartisan group led by Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), released its own outline. The plan had gained the endorsement of Democratic leadership and was technically sponsored by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. The “Common Sense” plan would have:
·        Provided a path to citizenship for 1.8 million undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children.
·        Offered $25 billion for border security.
·        Prevented DACA recipients from sponsoring their parents for legal status.
It failed 54 to 45. Democrats almost unanimously backed the plan, along with eight Republicans. But the rest of the GOP conference and a handful of Democrats blocked the bill.
The fourth and final vote was on what the White House demanded which was contained in the so-called “Grassley bill” – it would have:

·        Provided a path to citizenship for 1.8 million undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children.
·        Offered $25 billion to fund a southern border wall.
·        Substantially curtailed family immigration and eliminated the diversity visa lottery program in such a way that would gut the legal immigration system.
It failed, 39 to 60. Democrats opposed the bill en masse, joined by a notable number of Republicans, while most of the GOP conference supported it. 

Note what that votes means: Trump’s preferred immigration plan appears to be unviable in the Senate.

My 2 cents and more: Now Trump has the unmitigated to blame the DEMS in his latest tweet (screenshot of his tweet is above).

All I could think of was for Mr. Trump was “what a load of horseshït” – that mirrors that line in the Eddie Murphy movie by lobbyist Olaf Andersen who says: “Now the question is, can we you get the shit back into the horse?”

So, Mr. President, when will you do that and stop your daily blatant lying to the public now daily and almost in every breath you take?

Blaming the DEMS for DACA failure – that rates enough “pants on fire” to fill Trump Tower top to bottom – pathetic, utterly pathetic. Here Mr. Trump, you earned this rating - congrats:

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Trump White House and Administration: Chaos, Discord, Turmoil, Deceit, and Lies

One-man Show Shrinking One Scandal at a Time
(Almost daily)

Most-recent: Rob Porter hiring, clearance, and firing
(Latest but not the last)

“Trump’s Terrible Tactics” quite a laundry list: 

Most recent and on-going top story: That is the Rob Porter firing and security clearance process vis-à-vis his wife beating record that was not fully disclosed by this White House and keeps changing almost daily. More from NBC news here cite:

The House Oversight Committee announced it has launched an investigation into how the former White House staff secretary (Porter) was allowed to handle classified information in the White House without being granted a full security clearance.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) wrote in a letter to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly:The Committee is investigating the policies and processes by which interim security clearances are investigated and adjudicated within the Executive Branch, and the extent to which any security clearance issued to Porter comported with those policies and processes.”  

Gowdy went on to tell CNN that he’s “...troubled by almost every aspect of the scandal involving Porter, who is accused of assault by his two ex-wives. Who knew what, when and to what extent? Those are the questions that I think ought to be asked.”

Then this pretty startling news about Trump and the “Stormy” Daniels affair and who and how much money was paid and why and money sources:

Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen told the New York Times: “Neither the Trump Organization nor Trump campaign was a party to the transaction with Stephanie Clifford (aka: Stormy Daniels), “and neither reimbursed me for the payment, either directly or indirectly.”

Note: Cohen would not say what the payment was for, but other outlets have reported it was to prevent Clifford from speaking publicly about the alleged affair. 

While Cohen was probably trying to put Trump in the clear by saying he had nothing to do with it, his very explanation paints a picture very similar to that of former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards. Ironically, however, Cohen’s very explanation could land Trump in serious trouble, and possibly vulnerable to criminal charges similar to the Edwards case (more on that at this Law and Crime link).

Regarding that Cohen statement from Business Insider, in part, a good analysis:

This is clear but still an unknown that needs to be proven one way or the other regarding the Cohen statement: What was his INTENT in giving Daniels the $130,000. Legal impact questions:

(1)  If the payment was made because Trump and Cohen didn't want Melania Trump to hear Daniels' allegations, then they are probably fine, but…

(2)  If the payment was made because they didn't want the electorate to hear then that's very critical difference…

(3) Or, if the payment was made in consultation with Trump, then

It becomes a huge and potentially a very serious criminal issue for Trump and the courts.

Then add this to all that and previous similar stories regarding Pruitt and Price and Zinke and Munchin and their travel BS trips and deceit – this case involving the VA Secy.  – cite:

VA Secy. David Shulkin has been under review over a trip he took to Europe last year. Now it seems ethics watchdogs have found out that he and his team made falsified statements in order to get his expenses covered with taxpayer money. 

The Washington Post reports that when Shulkin and his wife traveled to London and Denmark last July, VA official Vivieca Wright Simpson “doctored an email about the trip.” The purpose was to make it look like Shulkin was on a business trip that involved receiving an award from the Danish government - oops.

Note: This new makes Shulkin the latest Trump Administration member to come under scrutiny for potentially using taxpayer funds for personal reasons

As mentioned below, former HHS Secy. Tom Price was forced to resign over a similar controversy last year, then EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, then Interior Secy. Ryan Zinke, and then Treasury Secy. Steven Mnuchin have also raised questions with their travels in the past and billing the taxpayers’ huge amounts.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is it: He is again flying all over the place even DC to NYC and Baltimore and overseas 1st class at huge rate increases and saying it’s for security purposes.

(The Tom Price story: he pulled the same crap and was fired – Pruitt needs to go, too).

Now Trump is ready to replace SNAP (food stamps for the needy) with canned food to “save money.”

(I note: That for damn sure is NOT helping needy people – not one bit).

In essence Trump is taking from the needy, poor, and unfortunate for his top BFF's - at the same time, Trump's base falls for his line of BS - that my friends is how he has operated is whole life: The Art of the Con right in our face.

Now the security clearance mess in the W/H with a dozen or so top officials (Porter, gone; Kushner same interim clearance for over a year), and now the FBI director disputes the W/H BS timeline story when they plead ignorance – he said the W/H knew about wife beater Rob Porter for months.

My 2 cents from all the evidence to date, that still building, and the media coverage, which Trump hates and labels the facts and reporting and such as “Fake News, a Hoax, a Witch Hunt” – the facts say otherwise.

Let’s face America – this White House and administration under Donald J. Trump is hands down the worst in American history. All those hired and fired or resigned or dismissed up to this point - wow... that must be another first, but one that Trump will NOT brag about ... 

Also, recall how Trump bragged in a a string of promises about hiring the best, the brightest, and not “hacks” … whew boy – take a walk down memory lane as I conclude with this: Only hire best said Trump.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Media Leaking Big Trump White House Issue: Security Clearances Not So Much So

Kelly on the Hot Seat; Porter is Gone; Kushner’s Security Clearance 
Still Not Completed

Security clearances and background investigations on the front burner and rightly so here from CBS News:

Highlights: Neither the White House nor the FBI is taking responsibility in the backlog of more than 700,000 security clearances. One investigator told CBS News that the White House security clearance process “is the peak of what the problem is throughout the government.”

I note – keep this key point in mind: Recently (this week actually), the White House blamed delays in the security clearance process on the FBI, but in another sign of the strain between the bureau and the White House, the FBI responded in a statement that they only conduct background checks they don't grant security clearances.

Nearly 13 months into the Trump administration, more than a dozen top officials are working with an interim security clearance – among them Jared Kushner. 

Some officials in the Clinton administration relied on interim clearances, but that it's unusual for so many officials to not have full security clearances at this point. To have someone with an interim security clearance for over a year seems very excessive. It sort of defeats the purpose of having a security clearance process in the first place.

Within FBI headquarters there is a special unit called SPIN or Special Inquiries. It handles White House security clearances, which are designed to be expedited in about 45 days

Once the FBI completes its investigation, its findings are handed over to the White House, which has discretion in deciding whether to approve a full security clearance.

Finally: The real question is how can anyone in the W/H like a Rob Porter or Jared Kushner be doing their jobs without a total and complete security clearance for such a long period of time – in short: What is preventing complete and total clearance and then proper access – or more bluntly was is hidden or what the FBI’s attention this long? 

True, we need to make sure that they aren't working for foreign government, and that they are upright and honest people susceptible to any kind of blackmail and that is why the security clearance process is essential -- especially for the White House.

CBS was told that the FBI first turned over Rob Porter's background check information to the White House at least eight months before his resignation. That is alarming – was it complete with the wife abuse materials, etc. If so, how did he stay on the job so long?

My 2 Cents: Someone must be held to account and especially in view of the Trump outrage about Hillary Clinton and her private email server at her home while she was SOS and the claim that some classified materials were sent to her over that server.

But, Mrs. Clinton had at the minimum a “secret clearance” and access but more probably she had a “top secret clearance” while serving as the Secretary of State. So the Trump silly rant on that point since she was cleared by the FBI who checked into the rightwing hype vs. what which we see now with so many close to sensitive information for so long and only with an “interim clearance” sure raises eyebrows and questions and rightly so. 

Hopefully those with derogatory information the FBI knew allowing Rob Porter to stay so long in that category keep the scrutiny spotlight red hot.

What we do not need is find out down the road that anyone of those with such interim clearances end up being like a few modern-day Aldrich Ames, or Robert Hanssen, or John Walker, or Edward Snowden types – all traitors to the country in various ways with national secrets.  

Apparently no one seems to be taking this issue very seriously and they should otherwise they are derelict in their duties re: classified information.

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Slogan for 2018 Midterms: MAPA (Make America Pïssëd Again) for Trump Base

Look at this face - would I lie to you? The greatest plan ever...

MAPA (Make America Pissed Again): Trump’s 2018 midterm election plan – whew boy … this scheme may make 2016 look like child’s play. The story leads with this bold headline from here

Trump Has a Repulsive Plan to Rally His Base for 2018

In layman’s terms:

Polls are predicting a grim fate for Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections, but President Donald Trump reportedly hopes to rile up the base with angry tweets.

Republicans are planning to remind voters of the tax cut they passed at the end of last year, but a source close to the White House said the president has other ideas, reported Axios (also an exceptional article – same subject).

Sources say Trump plans to excite Republican voters by exploiting “unexpected cultural flashpoints” at campaign rallies and on Twitter, just as he did in 2016 and even last fall when he attacked NFL players for kneeling protests during the national anthem, etc.

Trump is going to be looking for opportunities to stir up the base, more than focusing on any particular legislation or issue.

My 2 cents: Simple – now watch his base fall foe this slick con BS all over again … the question is why now especially after we all we know (including his base), or how many times he has lied (over 2,000 times by some counts), or backtracks on so many “promises” and “pledges,” Why would his base fall for that line again?

I have to wonder, however, will this side issue appeal to his base - will it make them happier, more or less pissed, or simply sustain their “what the hell attitude?” Oops may not work this time. Also, I wonder is canned dog food on this list of his new innovative food plan menu?

In all honesty, imagine this were you in need of SNAP on a temp basis to help your family in hard times. 

But, hey, he did make his BFF’s at the very top rung very happy larks, didn't he? 

So, this mid-term cycle outta therefore be a hoot… and here we go again – so, stay tuned. 

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Friday, February 9, 2018

The Case for the Impeachment of Donald J. Trump May Be Falling into Place

Rod Rosenstein, Deputy AG and Rachel Brand, Associate AG
(She is #3 at the DOJ)

Story from here ( headlines:

More and related from Politico here >>>

My 2 cents: I hope Trump does in fact fire Mueller ... then the GOP would have zero choice – they’d have to follow the Nixon model to remove Trump.

That would be impeachment and could or would follow the charges against Richard M. Nixon (1) OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, (2) ABUSE OF POWER, and (3) CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS.

As they say, history does repeat itself – this is the path Trump is on in that regard:

On July 27, 29, and 30, 1974, the House Committee approved three articles of impeachment against Nixon, for obstruction of justice and abuse of power and contempt of Congress, and reported those articles to the House of Representatives. Two other articles of impeachment also were debated but not approved.

Before the House could vote on the impeachment resolutions, Nixon made public one of the additional conversations, known as the “Smoking Gun Tape” which made clear his complicity in the cover-up (Tapes from the Oval Office).

With his political support completely eroded, Nixon resigned from office on August 9, 1974. It is widely believed that had he not resigned, his impeachment by the House and removal from office by a trial before the United States Senate would have occurred.

As I aid, that is the same path Trump is on right now. I strongly believe it. 

The scenario I see: Trump fires Rosenstein and since Brand is gone, Trump skips the Senate confirmation process and appoints someone already confirmed (a lackey). They in turn step up and fire Mueller (as Trump directs them to). Then Trump feels like he is on easy street... but his plan will fail and impeachment process starts since the GOP would have no choice. The public outrage would be overwhelming.

So, so stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Trump Wants Control Over all of Government: Will be Renamed Trump Tower #2

First Step on the Path to Take Total Control

Final and Ultimate Goal: King Donald the XLV

From all I have read, heard, and seen with on-going events all around us, this all GOP-run House and Senate had better wake up and fulfill their sworn duty and refocus on the three branches of government, checks and balances, and separation of powers.

Trump is more and more seeking to take “over or trying to take charge” of all three branches of government. He appears hell bent on making the country his latest business transaction. He seems to see himself as the National CEO and the other two branches are simply rubber stamp lackeys on his board of directors. 

Case in point and recent great example here from Mediaite:

In late January, Associate AG Stephen Boyd sent a letter to House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) saying that releasing the much-discussed FISA memo that Nunes and his staff prepared claiming FISA abuses would be “extraordinarily reckless.” 

Boyd stated to Nunes hat publicly releasing the document without having the DOJ and FBI review it would risk ongoing investigations.

So, guess who was really not very happy with Boyd for sending that latter once he heard about it? Yep, “The Donald.”

According to Bloomberg, Trump flipped out when he found out about Boyd’s letter to Nunes while he was flying to Davos on Air Force One. Trump’s frustrations reportedly “boiled over” when he was informed.

My 2 Cents: There are other examples of Trump’s power play – this must never stand or be allowed under our system.

Clearly, the House and Senate, the Supreme Court, and Executive Branch under Trump all have clearly defined lanes – they ought to stay in those lanes while maintaining close coordination and cooperation for the country as a whole. None of them separately must not attempt to take over one of the other branches. That would not sit well with the public.

For Trump to accomplish that aim, which I think he clearly wants, would cause a dramatic constitutional crisis perhaps beyond any repair down the road, and as I said, that must not be allowed to ever happen. 

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Trump Goals Working in Tandem with Putin Strategy and Nunes-GOP Helpers

Cover of book about that topic can be seen here

Know the difference between the two 
(Most GOPers do not apparently)

Never forget or try to deny this absolute that all we have seen, continue to see, and hear and know or don't about the whole truth of this past year under Trump Empire, Inc.

His past dealings and the current sole beneficiary of it all of is: Vladimir Putin and his massive disinformation machine still effective since the early 1920's.

Quick historical note: Disinformation is a term related to a Russian (former USSR) “tactical weapon” started in 1923, when the then Deputy Chairman of the old KGB (precursor of the State Political Directorate (GPU) Józef Unszlicht, called for the foundation of “a special disinformation office to conduct active intelligence operations.”

The GPU was the first organization in the old Soviet Union to utilize the term disinformation for their intelligence tactics (gathering and disrupting foreign systems). That trademark in Russian is: “дезинформация” (English: Disinformation).

So, my simple question is this: How and when will the GOP accept facts and the truth of any media story, any report, or any investigation that is based on empirical evidence instead of sticking to their hardline opinions and narrow views or that which they cherry pick from FOX news (e.g., Sean Hannity types), or broadcast over rightwing Talk Radio and TV by the likes of conspiracy nuts like Alex Jones, or in print from Breitbart and other sorts of rumor mill spin?

This all is not over by a long shot despite the GOP efforts to harm or stop or greatly diminish the Mueller investigation – that is a fact.

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Friday, February 2, 2018

Nunes FISA Memo is Out - the Damage is Underway: What Pray Tell Follows Next

Declassified, but NOT Redacted — still a very serious matter
(L-R: Rep. Nunes, President Trump, FBI Director Wray)

Nunes “Memogate” for lack of a better label:

For his part, Trump publicly supported and now has released “the memo 100% and unredacted,” too – here is the 4-page memo with cover letter [click wide screen for best viewing].

Now, along the way in the messy process, Rep. Nunes declined to answer questions about whether or not his efforts were coordinated with or by the White House (Spoiler alertThey were – see more below).

This short analysis may help in that regard, too from Reuters here.

Now this stunning update: Hannity and Nunes worked with Trump on Memo release from Media Matters here.
Related is this video clip from FOX News with Shep Smith (always good reporting from him):

Some believe that “Memogate” is a way for Trump to get rid of Mueller’s “boss,” Deputy AG Rob Rosenstein, who may have failed the so-called “Trump loyalty test.” Others think that Trump is directly targeting Mueller himself, though laughably, through AG Jeff Sessions who recused himself and angered Trump.

My B/L: The fact that Trump has given us every reason to take these stories very seriously is probably the most damning indictment of his entire presidency. 

To those with a working brain and limited biases, there may be no better indication that Trump really does have something horrible to hide in the Russia investigation than the grotesque lengths to which he and his GOP sycophants are willing to go in their effort to destroy the good people involved in it. That may not mean Russian “collusion,” but in a rational world there just has to be something awful to risk doing all of this (how the administration’s announcement this week that they will NOT be fully enforcing the sanctions against Russia has not been a FAR bigger news story, is a complete mystery to me).

As for the idea that maybe Nunes is really onto something big, this concept would require at least even a tenuously plausible theory to explain the vast conspiracy. 

Given what we already know, there are numerous data points which make that inherently impossible. (Again read the memo above – nothing in there we don’t know but that Nunes paints as critical – it is far from that – damaging yes, important overall – hardly).

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Trump Wants America to Be His Newest Business Acquisition for Personal Gain

Despot, Tyrant, Dictator, Oppressor, Czar, Potentate, et al
(Take your pick – all these labels fit)

Believe it not, however the evidence is compelling Trump wants America to be his newest business acquisition. Look back and see here with this short introduction from

Mitt Romney said during his 2012 presidential campaign he’d like a provision in the Constitution “… to say that the president has to spend at least three years working in business before he could become president of the United States.”

Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner parroted this theme in an interview this March: “We should have excellence in government … The government should be run like a great American company. Our hope is that we can achieve successes and efficiencies for our customers, who are the citizens.”

Nevertheless, a big part of Donald Trump’s appeal as a presidential candidate was that he was going to bring his “on time and under budget” philosophy to Washington. He was going to run the country like a business.

So far it hasn’t worked [and] at nearly every turn, Trump has undermined his own agenda.

His administration is failing precisely because Trump is running the country like he ran many of his businesses – that’s why so many failed as seen in this chart with more info here.

More here from TPM that is quite astonishing story and detailed timeline of Trump: The Lawless President – who is clearly bent on reshaping America.

My 2 cents: Now only to reshape the country in his own image but in a very ugly image. The result he seeks it to be a one-man operation – that will be managed by and for his top wealthy cronies who will serve as his board with him as the CEO –unable to be fired or replaced.

Their business motto: “We are now: Government of the wealthy, by the wealthy, and for the wealthy” They now called “Trump’s Plutocracy” – which was formerly known as Trump Empire, Inc. And we open for business.” Finally, the evidence is compelling for all Americans as Kushner said we are: “The Trump customers” – and he country is Trump’s “newest and latest business acquisition.”

So, how much longer can we the people collectively tolerate this abuse in the name of Trump’s ego and insanity, for surely that is precisely what we are dealing with at this point in time, and it’s ugly.

GOPers talk all the time about: “We are doomed due to the DEMS, etc., etc., yada, yada, yap, yap –

I say: Look in the nearest mirror to see the real problem.

P.S.  GOPers are not the solution, either. Their failures are historically long, but under Trump will seem infinitesimal by the time he is done.

Tyrants and dictators and despots with their oligarchy firmly in hand tend to rule that way – their way or no way.

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